Kenny (Cattle Dog/Terrier mix) Medium - Male

Kenny has the most adorable face!  We think he is part cattle dog and has some scruffy terrier in there too!  1-2 years old and weighs almost 50 lbs.  Kenny is a very charming boy.  Happy to see you when you come home, qiuick learner and loves to interact with you no matter what you are doing. Walks well on a harness and leash.  He likes his crate and is fine chewing on his toys by your side as you wind down from the day.  He asks to go outside and waits patiently at the door as you get him ready to go outside.  He will sit for his dinner.  He likes his hugs and being pet.  He is not a big barker, leans on your legs when you pet him and is happy and frisky on his walks around the neighborhood.  Loud noises still make him go in the other room but he is happy to come when you call him to investigate it. He likes car rides in his crate. He loves to have his back scratched. He is ready to be someones forever dog and take his training to the next level of whatever you want to do with him. Kenny is still a young dog and does like to be underfoot and jump so he would prefer a family with kids over 10 yrs old, he can be a bit rambunctious with small toddlers. Kenny likes other playful dogs but would like a cat free home.

Our adoption fee of $125.00 helps cover expenses (vaccinations, spay/neuter, food, housing) for the homeless pets we rescue. UAF does not ship our adoptables out of state and to ensure the best fit, UAF conducts a home visit to meet other pets and verify a safe, secure yard.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this dog. 

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