Petey (Beagle) Medium - Male

Petey is a 1 yr old bundle of energy and joy.  He is a fun-loving, inquisitive hound that loves people and other dogs.  He has not been around children, but we think he would be a great family dog. He is a dominate male, so females would be the best match.  He would love a playmate. 

Petey is neutered, UTD on shots and micro-shipped.  He is already house trained and crate trained.  He has been easily trained on the use of a doggie door.

Petey is young and can be developed into a type of adult to be proud of.  He requires training, some discipline and lots of exercise.  He is very energetic so daily walks and a good size yard to play are both highly recommended.  He would also benenfit from an obedience class for him and his family. 

Most dog owners understand the negatives of a puppy - chewing on things, getting into things, etc.  The positive side of a youthful dog like Petey is that he is very trusting, loving and eager to learn. He is very smart and picks up what you are trying to teach him very quickly.  He loves nothing more than to cuddle with you in th evening. 

Pleae look at the other pictures and video.  In the video Petey has a blue collar. 

If you are inteested in this wonderful vivacious boy, please contact: Ella at 928-771-2862 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Our adoption fee of $150.00 helps cover expenses (vaccinations, spay/neuter, food, housing)for the homeless pets we rescue. UAF does not ship our adoptables out of state and to ensure the best fit, UAF conducts a home visit to meet other pets and verify a safe, secure yard.


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