Our programs improve the lives of cats and dogs by promoting compassionate care, adoptions, and spay and neuter.  United Animal Friends' commitment to animals is cornerstone to the programs we offer and the way we operate our rescue mission.



Foster/Adopt Program 

United Animal Friends does not have a shelter facility. Most of the animals in our care live in volunteer foster homes until they are adopted. Fostering allows us to train and get to know each animal, which helps us find the perfect match for their unique personality.


Petco has generously donated space in their Prescott, Arizona store for United Animal Friends’ Kitty City, our feline adoption center. The ability to have cats in public view at Kitty City has exponentially increased the number of adoptions.


In situations where an adoptable dog is at risk of being euthanized in an overcrowded shelter when no foster home is available, we may place them in temporary boarding until a foster home becomes available.


Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Certificate Program 

The Spay/Neuter Certificate Program helps low-income individuals have their companion animals altered at a very low cost. Participating veterinary clinics reduce their fees and UAF pays a portion so that the pet guardian is responsible for only a small share of the cost. This program is made possible through donations, fundraisers and grants, including past grants received from The Springsteen Foundation for the Humane Treatment of Animals, Best Friends Animal Society and the Arizona Companion Animals Spay and Neuter Committee, which raises funds through the sale of Pet-Friendly License Plates.


Since its inception in October of 2004, the Spay/Neuter program has sterilized well over 10,000 cats and dogs, averaging nearly 800 per year.


Community Pet Food Bank 

Our Community Pet Food Bank feeds hundreds of animals each month. In addition to feeding hungry pets, one of the primary goals of the food bank is to make sure pets are spayed or neutered, and that is one of the requirements for being eligible for food. Recipients with unaltered animals are assisted through the Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Certificate Program.


Courtesy Listing Program 

UAF helps people find new homes for their companion animals in the event that they can no longer care for them. The animals are sponsored on the UAF website as Courtesy Listings and the families are welcome to bring the pet to adoption events as long as they are current on vaccines. UAF assists with the matchmaking process and placement of the pet.  Instead of the distress of surrendering the pet to a shelter and never knowing what happens after that, the pet stays in the home until it is adopted and the current owner gets to help find the most suitable family.


Trap/Neuter/Return/Manage Program 

Through the Trap/Neuter/Return/Manage (TNRM) program, feral and abandoned cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, and returned to their caretakers who continue to provide food, water and shelter, and monitor the colony for any new cats who need to be fixed. Please note that UAF does not remove cats. Research confirms that TNRM is the most humane, life-affirming and effective solution to feral cat colonies.  Without our help, these cat colonies would grow exponentially and the quality of life for the cats would be greatly diminished.


Barn Cat Program 

Some feral cats that are sterilized through the TNRM program are adopted as barn cats, providing a natural means of controlling rodents. UAF volunteers help the cats acclimate to their new environment and the adopters agree to provide food, water, and shelter from weather and predators.



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