~CL - Valentine (Pit Bull Mix) Medium- Female

Valentine (AKA Val) is a beautiful 3 year-old Pitbull mix named for the white heart on her butt. She and her 8 littermates were taken (at just 3 weeks of age) from their mother as the owner of the mother dog said they were “too much trouble”. The puppies were taken in by a rescue and nurtured. A service dog trainer took in two of the pups to train to serve veterans. Before Val could finish her training she developed cataracts in both eyes. Surgery was performed but only one eye could be saved. The other has since been removed and she is doing very well with one good eye.

Val would do best as an “only” pet but does, currently, live with another dog that she has been with since she was very young. Val will react to unfamiliar dogs!!! If the right home with another dog should come along, the current owner/trainer is willing to work toward integrating them. It would likely be a process with no guarantee.

Val has excellent basic obedience skills and would be a super family dog with kids of all ages. She is “high energy” and ready for hiking, endless playing and adventure.

Val is spayed and kennel-trained. She has NOT been cat-tested.

Val is available for adoption only within Yavapai County, Arizona.

To learn more about this dog please email . 
 Our adoption fee of $150.00  helps cover expenses (vaccinations, spay/neuter, food, housing)for the homeless pets we rescue. UAF does not ship our adoptables out of state and to ensure the best fit, UAF conducts a home visit to meet other pets and verify a safe, secure yard.

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